Advanced Poker Terminology – Interesting Trivia For Poker Buffs

For all those poker newbies looking over their shoulders or scratching their chin in an attempt to get over the awkwardness of advanced poker terminology being bounced about in a poker room, this article aims at giving a clear idea about what commonly used terms means. Just read through to learn and use the typical poker terminology yourself and get the confidence of an expert player with the simplified explanations of poker strategy as outlined in the reference below.

Beginning with the most widely used poker term and something pros hate in wannabe poker players, ‘Cheating’ is something the big ‘L’s do: losers, we mean. So, unless you want to be labeled one, avoid this way stupid move of poker losers who still manage to lose despite cheating because they suck at the game.

Then comes ‘Luck’, which can be a lady for some and for the die-hard chauvinists, of course, this could be their talisman from Boy scout days, a button, a favorite jacket or even a poker charm or amulet that they feel would bring them a winning streak or, if taken away, result in losing run. Even advanced level poker players are known to use luck in reference to their calculations of the odds besides other standard deviations they apply for determining their card draws or post-flop actions. Sometimes, thoughts of this tricky term, ‘luck’ can so strongly affect the psychology of a good player that positive energy directed through deep concentration on the word and its power can help bring loads of it to the player who can thereafter, somewhat magically, make strategic decisions at a later stage even in a game he or she seems to be losing. But, as an experienced poker player will be able to tell you that the kind of luck you make comes from your own skills at the card game of mathematical calculations and focused energy so you can enjoy as much – or as little of it – as you put into the number of plays you make.

‘Money’ is another commonly bandied about term and figures prominently in the vocabulary of seasoned poker players. It refers to the conversion of chips a winner has earned, which represents a real money reward. Professionals always point out that it is important, if not critical to regard the ‘money’ in a poker game as a foremost goal in their mind for making more than just game-appropriate decisions as the stakes should never be dismissed from the winner’s mind at any point – at least, not if correct decisions need to be made.

You may have also heard of ‘Poker math’ and wanted to head straight for the hills? Well, its not really rocket science or anywhere close to anything you need to run from because poker math is actually 7th grade level calculations for helping you decide when to bluff at Full Tilt and what are your chances of getting a winning hand and how these chances can get reduced as you approach the final stages of the game. You also learn to calculate pot odds by using simple poker math, so try to learn the basics for improving your game.

Then come ‘Poker tactics,’ which are nothing more than a strategy used for a simple, short-term application at the table, such as deciding a good hand; these are usually one-dimensional unlike complex, advanced levels of play requiring aggressive play.

Finally, there are ‘Tells,’ which is a term for behavior that lets you know a player’s hand, much like a tell-tale sign. This is a great poker skill to acquire and calls for observant watching of opponent’s table behavior or concealing your own hand by giving wrong clues as give-away tells.


Top Five Online Poker Sites

The top online Pokers sites are Cake Poker, Hilife Poker, Juicy Stakes Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Colt Poker. Each site offers unique and specific benefits to their customers.

Cake Poker was established in 2006. It quickly established itself among gamers as a top-notch alternative to the big name poker rooms. Cake Poker is one of the few online poker rooms that are open to the USA. This entices many players that are locked out by the UIGEA. They offer valuable promotions that keep players returning. They also offer live satellite events that include the Aussie Millions and the Irish Open. This is a soft low stakes action site that can provide some amazing promotions to players.

Hilife Poker is being called a refreshing breath of air for the online Poker industry. The site offers simple no hassle client that has a modern aesthetic with security to back it up. It does benefit from residing on the Cake Poker network. Nevertheless, it offers a very competitive loyalty program to its members. HiLife Poker can really help to shake up your online gaming experience. They offer such incentives as matching 110% of all deposits and if you sign up through a link, you will receive $1,000 bonus. Offers like this keep customers coming back time and time again.

Juicy Stakes Poker is one of the new rooms in the Cake Power Network. They continue to entice in new players by offering very lucrative promos and big rewards. You can play Hold’Em, Pot-Limit Omaha, and Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo. The majority of the games are generally soft. The software client is as solid as they come. They also stream poker games online for their customers. They continue to set a pace for other sites.

Full Tilt Poker offers aggressive promotions and stylish themes to their customers. This site is known to be light-hearted. They appear to be increasing with traffic daily. This may be the site to watch in the next few months. There are many less than average players here. The seasoned Poker player may be able to sweep up on this site. Over the next year, the growth is expected to increase close to 20%.

The website Colt Poker launched in 2011. Since its opening, the traffic has steadily been increasing. A player can find ring games, tournaments, and sit-and-goes at lower levels during the daytime. Colt Poker has a limit of Hold’Em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi-Low. This website is also a part of the Cake Power Network.

Whether you are looking to play for some high stakes or just kill some time. You will be able to get what you need from one of these online websites. Online Poker sites are monitored and the top player’s stats are kept up to date. Many sites such as keeps those interested in finding the biggest daily jackpots informed. Thousands of online poker players take advantage of enjoying the game in the comfort of their own homes.

Do women play poker games differently from men?

The poker game has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. It has incorporates players of both genders. Though considered a men game, there has been an influx of women players in the recent times. One would definitely wonder whether women play differently from their counterparts of the other gender.

There are noticeable differences in the ways in which the genders play in terms of style. The ration of men and women averages 8:1 on poker stars, in which case poker can still be considered a male game. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that female players are worse than their male counterparts. There has been a belief among men players that women are weaker in the game. In addition, they would think that women would not learn the game first and therefore they would raise their stakes to make a kill.

This thought definitely has a basis. You will find female players staking higher simply because they do not take their time to understand how the game is played. This strategy is not limited to women, as you will find even more male players doing it. In this case, the female players would have an upper hand if they were to grasp the game. In any case, she would be in a position to take advantage of the school of thought to give the male counterparts a rude shock.

Female poker players who have an understanding as to the rules of the game make a big bet using starting cards that are weak and if the men do not realize it. In addition, women have been known to use other unorthodox ways to ensure that they win; for example, provocative dressing which deviate the mind of the male players leading to the loss of a hand. This tactic cannot be used by the male players against the female players. In any case, male players find it very difficult to gain a read on their female counterparts.

One other difference you would notice in the way women play the poker game is that they incorporate more care than their male counterparts do. You would find them less likely to play hands instead opting for small pots which enable them to stay afloat. This is unlike men who like taking greater risks or even go after larger pots. In addition, you would find women easier to push off a pot than their male counterparts. This is replicated in the buying a pot off from the female player on poker It is often felt that they prefer to play conservative games. In any case, you would find them playing a more sensible game than the males.

One thing that we have to acknowledge is that the world is not devoid of women who have played poker games and become successful in them. With the right strategies, they definitely would still make it in the games. The bottom line however is that their playing strategies are a lot different from those of their male counterparts. This difference is always to their advantage, which explains the large number of women who have excelled in the area.

Hard Hands and Soft Hands in Blackjack

Blackjack players often mistakenly play soft hands in a manner similar to that which they play hard hands. In blackjack, a soft hand is a hand that contains an ace. The ace can count as either one or eleven and the blackjack player may use the ace as he sees fit. A hard hand is a hand without an ace. The hard hand in blackjack is absolute. Thus, when dealt a hand such as an eight and a seven, the count is fifteen, whereas a four and an ace can be either four or fourteen. By understanding that hard and soft blackjack hands play differently, a blackjack player can better maximize his profits at the blackjack table.

Playing Hard Hands

This is an area where many online blackjack players lose most of their bankroll. If you are dealt hard hands (no pair, no ace), like ten and five, or eight and six, you are in a difficult situation. This is the exact situation that you will find yourself in for the majority of your blackjack hands, as hard hands are statistically more common than hands like two aces or ten and nine.

Whenever you are dealt a hard hand, the best way to maximize your chances of ending up the winner, or losing the minimum, is to follow a blackjack strategy chart. Surrendering is rarely the right decision and should only be done when the dealer has a strong up card and you have very little cards that can make your hand presumably more powerful than the dealer’s hand. Usually you will have to hit your hard hands, but just follow the chart accordingly as sometimes even a low hand can be very profitable.

Playing Soft Hands

Although soft hands do not come nearly as often as the agonizing hard hands that regularly send a blackjack player on tilt (playing sloppy, without a solid strategy), when they do come they can be profitable. Soft hands consist of an ace with a non-face card. These are not monster hands in blackjack but they hold a lot of value when going against the dealer.

You can determine what to do depending on what the dealer’s up card is. If he has a rather weak card showing, doubling down could be a profitable option. In most cases, you will just want to hit. The chart shows a solid way to keep your winnings up with soft hands. Just remember to follow the chart for optimal blackjack play and never throw away a soft hand before hitting it at least once!

The “get better, get paid” philosophy of poker

Every game has rules which every player is expected to follow. Poker is no different. It is understandable when the poker players do not abide by the rules pertaining to bankroll management. This rule pertains to confining their buying to what they have in the poker account. It is understandable when one feels limited by this rule having in mind that you will not be in a position to use the full amount that you have in your account. One is definite to feel like they are letting the opportunity slip away. One thing that you have to note however that is it is not always right to use your capital to the fullest in the poker game.

The importance of preserving the poker bankroll cannot be underestimated. It definitely has a bearing in your career as a poker player. Of course the underlining goal is to multiply the bankroll in the shortest time possible; however, it is important to note that it will take some time to do that and therefore adopting the rule of getting better to get paid in this game essential. This essentially means a lot of patience as you will be expected to play correctly while keeping profitability in the lower ranks. In this case therefore, you will be rewarding yourself for playing the game well as well as learning the game and moving up the levels after you have earned the position.

One thing that you will appreciate is that you will appreciate about this poker philosophy is that you will be making mistakes at a manageable level. In addition to the low risk involved in this philosophy, you will be in a position to learn from the mistakes you make. Being in a position to make profits will enable you to finance your ascend to higher levels of the game. However, you could always stagnate in one level as long as you are comfortable with the profits you are making at the same. In addition, you could make use of multi tabling where you are enabled to quadruple or double the bottom line.

While in the lower limits, you will be making money as you get better due to the numerous mistakes regularly made by your opponents who are newer in the game. It is therefore important to note that you will be facing stiffer competition as you go higher in the ranks. This is actually the basis of consistently making correct plays that are profitable over time. The old adage that practice makes perfect applies here as forming a winning habit in a particular level ensures that you move up the levels and even conquer as well. The basis of this philosophy is that using your opponents’ money to play the game while yours is preserved and even added.

You will definitely need to take your time to observe, strategize, learn, converse, make mistakes and even profile to improve your game. All in all, the philosophy of poker is built on the fact that you will only move to a level if and only if you have earned it and deserve to be there. In this case therefore, it is important to stick to a level where you are comfortable and making profits.

Lucy Rokach, a notable poker player

The poker game has come a long way and undergone tremendous developments in the recent times. It is notable that the game has witnessed an influx of female players. It is common to think that women players are weaker than men are and therefore they are not successful. A female poker player like Lucy Rokach would discount this thought. The female players on have known tremendous achievements in the game having made more than two million dollars’ worth of winnings.

Born in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1949, Lucy Rokach used to work as a car dealer as well as a history teacher in England where she had moved in 1956. She started playing the game at the age of 38. Unfortunately, she hit rock bottom financially in a year’s time but could not go back to the car dealership job instead borrowing more money as well as remortgaging her home to play the game. This time round, she was fortunate enough to have the game pay off as she had developed the talent of making small bets. This was enough to earn her some fame as a talented player.

Presently, Lucy Rokach is considered one of the forces to reckon with in Europe as far as poker game is concerned. It is notable that her winning streak did not begin with the popularity of the poker game. Her very first win was in Wolverhampton at the Rubicon club. In this particular game, she won five thousand British pounds. She definitely could not stop there and she became even more popular in the game as she took first in Festival of poker. This Omaha tournament had a limit of 25-pound pot. This was actually in the early nineties.

Lucy has continued to be a force to reckon with as far as poker game is concerned especially given her winning streak after that particular tournament. She has participated in many tournaments taking home huge amounts of money. One notable achievement is that she participated twice in the final table. This was in 1995 as well as 1996 at World Series of Poker Pot-Limit Hold’em. Two other events in 1996 and 2004 earned her quite a load of money.

A win at the Grand Pix de Paris in 1999 marked the beginning of her big winning. Lucy ranked the best in the Irish winter tournament in 2002 a title she retained the following year. To cement her streak of winnings, she took the Midland masters in 2006 leading to her being awarded the European Poker Lifetime Achievement Award to signal at her achievement in the poker game.

Although she made quite some good money in the tournaments and won accolades, she did not stop playing the game. She continues playing the game as well as making some great winnings. Presently, she works with the Poker Channel as their commentator. In addition, she writes for Card Player magazine as well as working with Gary Jones and Roy Brindley in Late Night Poker. She has continued to be an inspiration and one of the reference points as to why any woman can excel in the poker game.

A Guide to the Basic Rules for Beginner Players

Tennis rules are simple and quite basic. Before you start playing tennis, you should have a basic understanding about the equipment which is used and the rules of the game.

The Official Rules of Tennis

The goal in tennis is gaining enough points for winning the game, set or match. The highest score from three tennis games are called sets if women are playing. For men, the highest score is from five games. The highest score is selected from three or five games for both the players and the one which has the highest score will win the game or the set.


One of the basic rules in tennis is the score keeping. Whenever a player doesn’t score, it is known as love. When a player scores, it starts at 15 and then it will go up to 30 later to 40. For example, if player one scores a point and if player two doesn’t, the score will be 15-Love. If the score goes to 40-40, it is referred to as deuce. The next player who scores 2 points will win the game. However, if the player scores only one point after the deuce, known as a receiver or advantage server, and loses the next one, the score will again go back to deuce. In some cases, the players might agree to ignore that rule and do away with it.

The Equipment

The equipment which has to be used in tennis will have to be according to the official specifications. A regulation sized tennis court would be 78 feet long and it is a part of the tennis basic rules. The court would be divided in the middle with a net which will divide it in half. The line where the player will have to serve would be at 21 feet. The tennis rackets which are used during the tournaments will have to be 32 inches in length and 11 ½ in width. The tennis balls which are used in the game are available in several colors but for official tournaments, only yellow or white ones are used.


One on one is another rule in tennis. The first person or the server who hits the ball would be chosen by spinning the racket or by tossing the coin. The player who wins will be able to elect whether or not he/she wants to server first. They can choose to serve or if they like, they can give that option to the opponent. The player will then have to choose which end to play from. To make the game fair, the player who would have to serve will be changed for every game.


Serving is always alternated between players and teams during the game. This is done in such a way that every player will serve at every fourth game. It is also traditional for the partners to stand next to each other but they are free to stand anywhere they want.